One Peace Festival is a one-day, all-ages, shared experience designed to advance Hip Hop’s core principles of peace, unity, love, and having fun.

Our Mission: To provide experiences that build healthy communities through Hip Hop culture and local advocacy.

2024 Festival

Live Artistry

Join us to listen to some fresh sounds as turntable deejays spin jams while you witness the creative genius of aerosol artists as they create artwork right in front of your eyes!

Date TBD

This year will impact even more people and include more activities to bring Grand Rapidians together for a shared experience that will not be easily forgotten.

All Ages Welcome

Support youth sports and other activities as we promote exercise and the importance of physical activity!


The 2024 One Peace Festival will take place at MLK Park in Grand Rapids, MI beginning at 11am.

1200 M.L.K. Jr St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Festival Activities

One Peace Festival is advancing hip-hop’s core principles of peace, unity, love, and fun.

We place a large emphasis on all aspects of health and wellness (mind, body, and spirit)

The day of the event will bring diverse sounds. There will be many opportunities to enjoy healthy food and fun activities while learning something new from new faces.

One Peace believes that by sharing these experiences, we are all making an intentional effort to strengthen Grand Rapids communities and promote civil dialogue in a time of division.

Just as Hip Hop culture exists as a global family, we celebrate our differences. Those differences create who WE are.

One Peace Festival would like to challenge all attendees to see our diverse local communities as our city’s greatest asset and our unifying glue!

Live Music Entertainment

Live music curated by HopeDealersGr and includes DJs, emcees, b-boys/g-girls, and other dancers and singers.

Athletic Competition

3-on-3 youth basketball and soccer will be on hand via All Good Sports and Soccer Rebellion!

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health organizations are brought in by a mental health team to promote wellness.

Local Artists

Live murals painted by eight local visual artists, donated to area nonprofits upon their completion.

Healthy Food & Drinks

One Peace Festival will NOT be selling alcohol and will instead focus on healthy foods and beverages.


Promote Our Mission

This year will impact even more people and include more activities to bring Grand Rapidians together for a shared experience that will not be easily forgotten.

Our Story

Edwin Anderson and Matthew “Monk Matthaeus” Duncan, the co-founders of One Peace Festival, grew up on the Southeast side of Grand Rapids.

Both are artists and community activists who have a desire to serve the community through love-fueled motivation and intentions.

Edwin and Monk spent countless hours looking for ways to use their talents and connections to ignite their desire to serve the community.

In 2020, the idea for One Peace Festival was born out of a desire to help our city heal from the pandemic, isolation, and division we saw on a daily basis via TV and social media.

A shared purpose by Greg May and Dominic Shannon allowed One Peace Festival to become a reality.

Our Vision: To advance unity through authentic Hip Hop culture and healthy lifestyles for all.


Donate Your Time

Looking to donate your time and help make One Peace Festival awesome? Volunteer for set-up, clean-up, or coordinating duties at the event!